This page has information about how to apply to the AAT for a review of a decision in any of the following AAT divisions:

  • General Division
  • Freedom of Information Division
  • National Disability Insurance Scheme Division
  • Security Division
  • Taxation & Commercial Division
  • Veterans’ Appeals Division.

For information about how you to apply for a decision that can be reviewed in the Migration & Refugee Division or the Social Services & Child Support Division, follow the links.

How do I apply?

You must apply to us in writing.  You can either:

  • apply online
  • fill out an application form
  • write us a letter, or
  • send us an email.

Making an application online

You can apply online for a review of any type of decision the AAT can review. However, the online form you need to use depends on the type of decision you want us to review. This page will help make sure you use the right form.

Finding the right online form

Filling out a form

Complete the application form that applies to you.

Application for Review of Decision (Individual) Individuals can use this form to apply to us for review of most decisions
Application for Second Review of Decision Use this form if you are applying to us for second review of a decision made by the Social Services & Child Support Division about a Centrelink or Child Support decision
Application for Review of Decision (Organisation) Use this form if you are applying on behalf of an organisation

You can find these application forms here.

Writing us a letter or email

If you write us an application letter or an email, it must include:

  • your name, address and telephone number and, if you want to receive documents from us by email, your email address
  • the date you received the decision, and
  • brief reasons why you think the decision is wrong.

If you can't send us a copy of the decision, then also include in your letter or email:

  • the name of the person or organisation that made the decision, and
  • a brief description of the decision.

Where do I send my form, letter or email application?

Send us your application and, if you can, a copy of the decision:

  • by post (GPO Box 9955 in your capital city)
  • by email (, or
  • by fax.

You can also bring your application to us in person to any registry of the AAT.

Go to our Contact us page to find the street address and fax number for your nearest registry.

Does the decision continue to operate if I apply for review?

Yes, a decision usually continues to operate while it is being reviewed by the AAT. In some cases, the AAT can order that the decision be suspended while the review takes place.

If you want to ask the AAT to suspend the operation of the decision, you must fill out a “Request for Stay Order” form which can be found here. Send the form to us with your application for review of the decision.

If you want more information or assistance, call us on 1800 228 333.