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The following Written Reasons for Decisions have been handed down this week. Links to the full text of the Decisions at the AustLII website are provided.

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Civil Aviation

Ryan and Civil Aviation Safety Authority [2014] AATA 494; 18/7/2014; Deputy President PE Hack SC

Medical certificate – problematic substance use – whether a history of problematic alcohol use – whether engaged in problematic alcohol use – decision under review set aside and remitted



Atkins and Comcare [2014] AATA 473; 14/7/2014; Senior Member RM Creyke

Osteoarthritis in right and left thumbs – whether the applicant suffered from a compensable condition – whether the injury was aggravated by the employment – whether the applicant continued to suffer the compensable condition – decisions under review affirmed


Egan and Telstra Corporation Limited [2014] AATA 472; 14/7/2014; Senior Member RG Kenny, Dr GJ Maynard, Brigadier (Rtd), Member

Claim for permanent impairment – Liability accepted for 1993 injury of lower back strain L5/S1 – Further injury to spine in 2011 an aggravation of underlying degenerative disease – Condition unrelated to compensable condition – Application of the Guide to the Assessment of the Degree of Permanent Impairment (Edition 2.1)(“the Guide”) – Whole person impairment rating under Table 9.17 of the Guide – Threshold requirement of 10% for payment of compensation for permanent impairment not satisfied – Decision under review affirmed


Gilbert and Australian Postal Corporation [2014] AATA 483; 17/7/2014; Deputy President K Bean, Professor P Reilly AO, Member

Entitlement to incapacity payments under Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988 s 19 – Whether applicant able to work normal weekly hours – Further modified duties not offered to applicant – Applicant’s ability to earn equivalent to what he actually earned in relevant period – Decision under review set aside.


Parry and Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Commission [2014] AATA 493; 18/7/2014; Senior Member BJ McCabe, Dr GJ Maynard, Brigadier (Rtd), Member

Application for compensation in respect of cognitive impairment – Applicant already in receipt of pension for PTSD and chronic depression – Medical expert evidence suggests cognitive impairment not a separate medical condition – Cognitive impairment a consequence of accepted psychiatric conditions already compensated for under separate Act – Reviewable decision affirmed.


Ross and Comcare [2014] AATA 476; 15/7/2014; Senior Member RG Kenny

Acceptance of liability under the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988 (Cth) (“the Act”) for right knee condition – Reviewable decision to revoke determinations relating to incapacity payments from 1 July 2007 until 8 July 2012 (“the relevant period”) – Further reviewable decision that incapacity entitlement in the relevant period was nil – Assessment of ability to earn in suitable employment – Decisions set aside and substituted – Matters remitted to Comcare for recalculation


Thompson and Comcare [2014] AATA 486; 17/7/2014; Deputy President SD Hotop

Commonwealth employees – applicant suffered compensable back injury – applicant subsequently suffered mental ailment – mental ailment contributed to, to significant degree, by compensable back injury – mental ailment a disease – mental ailment a compensable injury – applicant incapacitated for work as result of compensable back injury – decisions under review set aside

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Accord Australasia Limited and Director, Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme [2014] AATA 504; 24/7/2014; Deputy President RP Handley and Professor G Johnston, Member

Imposition of conditions of use - Whether Respondent has power to impose condition of use -Whether reasonable for the Respondent to find that, when used in cosmetics, these chemicals may pose an unreasonable risk to health, safety and the environment - Chemicals pose an unacceptable risk to human health and/or the environment - Appropriate to limit the use of the chemicals to concentrations known to be safe - Setting of volume limits not justified - Definitive data required to justify the application of specific conditions - Decision under review varied - Additional conditions removed - Further assessment of the chemicals recommended


Wodonga Pharmacy Pty Ltd and Australian Community Pharmacy Authority and Ors [2014] AATA 496; 18/7/2014; Senior Member E Fice

Pharmacies – Recommendation of Australian Community Pharmacy Authority – Approval to supply pharmaceutical benefits – New pharmacy in a small shopping centre – Legal right to occupy the proposed premises – Information to be considered by the Authority – Single management – Commercial establishment – Gross leasable area of at least 5000 m2 – At least 15 other commercial establishments – Temporary selling points – Occupied by or likely to be occupied by one business – Separate commercial establishments – Decision under review set aside and substituted 

Practice and Procedure – Statutory interpretation – Onus of proof – Inferences

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Immigration and Citizenship

Slewa and Minister for Immigration and Border Protection [2014] AATA 484; 17/7/2014; Senior Member JL Redfern

Application for citizenship by conferral – application refused – whether applicant is of good character – proceedings for an offence against an Australian law pending – decision affirmed

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National Disability Insurance Scheme

TKCW and National Disability Insurance Agency [2014] AATA 501; 23/7/2014; Senior Member J Toohey, Mr I Thompson, Member

Child – Autism Spectrum Disorder – early intervention requirements – reasonable and necessary supports – The Listening Program – current good practice – child care support – decision under review affirmed

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Practice and Procedure

Lauricella and Secretary, Department of Social Services [2014] AATA 471; 11/7/2014; Deputy President RP Handley

Extension of time to lodge application for review – application refused


Secretary, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet and Treasurer of the Commonwealth of Australia and Combined Pensioners and Superannuants Association of New South Wales Incorporated (Party Joined) [2014] AATA 485; 17/7/2014; Deputy President SA Forgie

Freeedom of Information – direction of differently constituted Tribunal determining parties to the proceeding – whether Tribunal functus officio – whether any basis on which earlier Tribunal made a jurisdictional error so that it had not made a decision at all – Tribunal functus officio

Freeedom of Information – standing – considered if Tribunal not functus officio – interests “affected by” – applicant is a person whose interests are affected by the decision under review

Freeedom of Information – parties to the proceeding – identification of parties – difficulties arising from description of agency as “respondent” when its IC reviewable decision not under review and the Information Commissioner is not a party to the review of the IC decision

Freeedom of Information – legal representation – applicant and respondent having same representative – matter for parties and legal representatives – identification of role of each – interests align – issue of potential conflict should be revisited from time to time

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Social Security

Cope and Secretary, Department of Social Services [2014] AATA 451; 4/7/2014; Senior Member RM Creyke

Pension bonus payment – consecutive qualifying bonus periods – whether applicant satisfied work test requirements – whether applicant applied for pension bonus within time – decision under review set aside


Danaher; Secretary, Department of Social Services and [2014] AATA 448; 4/7/2014; Deputy President PE Hack SC

Claims – disability support pension – whether injuries permanent – whether Table 1 or Table 4 to be used for spinal injuries – whether injuries qualify for 20 points – decision set aside


Downes and Secretary, Department of Social Services [2014] AATA 492; 17/7/2014; Senior Member BJ McCabe

Family Assistance and Social Security – Dispute over rate of age pension – Applicant contends she made gift of $75,000 to son in 1999 – Respondent contends there was no delivery of gift until 2011 – Finding of fact that disposal of financial asset occurred in 1999 – Reviewable decision set aside and remitted to respondent.


Fisher and Secretary, Department of Social Services [2014] AATA 488; 17/7/2014; Senior Member BJ McCabe

Disability Support Pension – Unsuccessful application for DSP – failure to satisfy “medical criteria” – physical and psychiatric conditions not fully diagnosed, treated and stabilised – not possible to allocate impairment points – applicant made earlier, successful application for another social security payment – not reasonable to exercise discretion to deem earlier application as application for DSP – decision under review affirmed.


Garside and Secretary, Department of Social Services [2014] AATA 489; 17/7/2014; Senior Member BJ McCabe

Family Assistance and Social Security – Applications for Carer Allowance and Carer Payment – Medical evidence confirms applicant’s entitlement – Dispute over date of entitlement – Claim for Carer Allowance effective from day on which applicant asked for review of rejection decision – Claim for Carer Allowance effective from day on which applicant lodged second claim form that was ultimately accepted – Decision under review affirmed.


Haryanto and Secretary, Department of Social Services [2014] AATA 481; 14/7/2014; Mr S Webb, Member

Claim for Newstart Allowance – compensation for work injury – payment of medical treatment and other expenses, periodic payments and lump sum compensation by previous employer’s insurer prior to settlement – transfer of liability – lump sum settlement of claim – reimbursement of previous employer’s insurer – periodic payments excluded from calculation of lump sum – compensation part of lump sum – calculation of preclusion period – no special circumstances – decision affirmed


Polydorou and Secretary, Department of Social Services [2014] AATA 478; 10/6/2014; Mr D Ermert, Member

Disability Support Pension – absence from Australia – portability – cancellation – claim for review of cancellation – favourable determination – more than 13 weeks – date of effect – decision affirmed


Rajkovic and Secretary, Department of Social Services [2014] AATA 502; 23/7/2014; Deputy President RP Handley

Age Pension – Claim refused for failure to meet residence requirements – Whether Applicant Australian Resident – The nature of the accommodation used by the Applicant in Australia – The nature and extent of the family relationships the Applicant has in Australia – The nature and extent of the Applicant's employment, business or financial ties with Australia – The nature and extent of the Applicant's assets located in Australia – The frequency and duration of the Applicant's travel outside Australia – Applicant did not reside in Australia at time of application – Decision under review affirmed


Stien and Secretary, Department of Social Services [2014] AATA 477; 4/7/2014; Senior Member RW Dunne

Disability support pension – evidence obtained by respondent that applicant received excessive income during relevant period – decision of Social Security Appeals Tribunal affirming respondent’s decision to suspend and then cancel payment of disability support pension – applicant denies deriving excessive income.

Practice and Procedure – application for stay – hardship, likelihood of recovery by respondent, prospects of success – applicant’s history relating to disability support pension unclear – necessary for  substantive question to be decided by Tribunal – application for stay refused.


Sukkar and Secretary, Department of Social Services [2014] AATA 480; 16/7/2014; Senior Member N Isenberg

Disability support pension – applicant seeks indefinite portability of disability support pension – whether applicant has a severe impairment – decision under review affirmed


Wright and Secretary, Department of Social Services [2014] AATA 498; 21/7/2014; Senior Member RG Kenny

Pensions, benefits and allowances – Disability support pension – Relevant period for assessment – Physical impairment from facial pain condition fully diagnosed, treated, stabilised and permanent – Depression not permanent – Impairment Tables – Ratings allocated for chronic pain under Tables 1, 7 and 8 of the Impairment Tables – Overall impairment rating more than 20 points – Program of support completed by applicant – Continuing inability to work – Applicant qualified for disability support pension during the relevant period – Decision under review set aside and substituted 

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Tax Practioners Board

Pathiranage and Tax Practitioners’ Board [2014] AATA 490; 14/7/2014; Senior Member J Handley

Registered tax agent – renewal of registration – whether applicant has completed continuing professional education that meets the Board's requirements – course in Australian taxation law not completed – applicant seeking extension to complete course requirements – power of the Tribunal to extend time – decision to refuse renewal of registration affirmed

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Cameron and Commissioner of Taxation [2014] AATA 499; 22/7/2014; Senior Member PW Taylor SC

Income tax – amended assessments disallowed PAYG credit claims – jurisdiction of Tribunal – penalty – whether to remit – decisions affirmed


Dowling and Commissioner of Taxation [2014] AATA 474; 14/7/2014; Deputy President IR Molloy

Superannuation – Excess non-concessional contributions tax – Whether special circumstances – Whether discretion under Division 292 of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 (Cth) can be exercised – Decision under review affirmed

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Veterans' Affairs

Elton and Repatriation Commission [2014] AATA 475; 15/7/2014; Senior Member GD Friedman

Veterans’ entitlements – alcohol use disorder – stressful events – whether condition war–caused – cannabis use disorder – whether condition diagnosed and war-caused – decision under review set aside


QSWZ and Repatriation Commission [2014] AATA 482; 16/7/2014; Miss EA Shanahan, Member

Disability Pension – eligible service – cardiac arrhythmias variously diagnosed – prolonged strenuous high level endurance physical activity – eventual diagnosis paroxysmal atrial fibrillation – satisfaction of Statement of Principles – decision set aside.


Schwind and Repatriation Commission [2014] AATA 503; 23/7/2014; Senior Member RG Kenny

Benefits and entitlements – Disability pension – Operational service with Australian Regular Army – Claim for bilateral hip pain – Diagnoses of trochanteric bursitis and abductor tendonitis both hips – Concession by applicant that hip conditions not attributable to Army service – Entitlement decision under review affirmed
Disability pension payable at 100% of general rate – Eligibility for intermediate or special rate of pension – Accepted disabilities sufficient to prevent applicant from working eight hours per week – Incapacity from war–caused conditions not sufficient, alone, to prevent undertaking remunerative work for more 8 hours per week – Neither intermediate nor special rate payable – Assessment decision under review affirmed


Smith and Repatriation Commission [2014] AATA 500; 22/7/2014; Senior Member D Letcher QC

Claim for war widow’s pension – operational service – whether veteran’s service led to death – complex hypothesis – decision under review affirmed


Sweet and Repatriation Commission [2014] AATA 497; 18/7/2014; Senior Member RG Kenny

Benefits and entitlements – Disability pension payable at 100% of general rate – Application for increase in pension – Eligibility for special rate of pension – Remunerative work – Incapacity from war–caused conditions sufficient to prevent applicant undertaking remunerative work for more than 8 hours per week – Applicant prevented from undertaking remunerative work due solely to accepted disabilities – Special rate payable from date of claim for increase in pension – Decision under review set aside and substituted 


Tearle and Repatriation Commission [2014] AATA 491; 17/7/2014; Senior Member AK Britton

Entitlement to pension –Shoulder osteoarthritis and/or hand osteoarthritis – Whether disease was war-caused – Deledio test – Pension at the intermediate rate – Whether there is material that points to a hypothesis – Beneficial legislation – Decision affirmed

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